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“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”-Seth Godin





Don’t let them forget you. We help to keep you in front of your prospects and customers .



block01Touch Piece Systems is a very unique email marketing service. We help you to build and promote your brand by keeping you and your company name in front of your prospects and customers every week like clockwork. Our technology drives them directly to your website where they will enjoy your “Breaking News” video. Once they start receiving your Touch Piece System email they want more. Why? Because we don’t send them junk emails that are trying to sell them something that they really don’t want. Your contacts are educated by the content provided in your “Breaking News” videos/emails. They view your Touch Piece Systems email as a gift from you because it actually helps them to do their job. Who doesn’t want to receive a free gift each week, especially one that improves their life?

Touch Piece Systems should become a key component of your selling process. How often are you touching each of your contacts? Are you consistent with how often you are in touch with your prospects and customers? I know, you already have an email marketing program, but do you use it as consistently as you should. And how much of your time or employee’s time does it take to gather the content, set up the email and then send it out. Our service costs less than if you do it yourself. And we do it consistently every week.

Check this out. The National Sales Executive Association estimates that 80% of sales are made from the 5th to the 12th contact. The average is actually 8 contacts. Guess how many sales people contact a prospect more than 3 times; less than 10%! That means that 90% of sales professionals constantly lose out on making new sales. Are you one of them? If so, what can you do to begin to make more sales? How about adding 5-6 more follow-up touches to your sales process? That’s what we do for you.

block04Don’t worry, as I said, we do it all for you and less expensively than you can do it yourself. We provide your emails with new fresh content each week. Our content is designed to educate your prospects and customers. Each article is designed/written to help them to do their job better/easier so that you become their hero. You don’t have to do a thing but provide us with the email addresses for the recipients.


First we design a customized email template that carries forward your company’s brand. The design mirrors the branding that is displayed on your website as much as possible. This helps you to become more recognizable to your prospects. Second, we set up your list of contacts from the information that you provide to us. (email addresses only, no names please. We don’t need or want to know who your contacts are.) Third, we prepare and insert the content, proof it and schedule it to be sent out.

Touch Piece Systems helps you to keep customers and prospects coming back—by using attractive, professional-looking email communications that are custom designed to carry forward your branding. You are maintaining consistent communications with them and building stronger customer relationships. It’s better and more effective than regular email. Your contacts view it as receiving a new gift each week. And you are not making them mad by sending them another of those emails that is trying to sell them something.

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About Touch Piece Systems

Touch Piece Systems TPS is an email marketing service. We help to keep you and your company name in front of your customers, targets and prospects every week like clockwork. How often are you touching every customer? Are you consistent with how often you are in touch with your customers, targets and prospects?